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Bassett’s Island, Buzzards Bay

Bassett’s Island is a really popular spot to drop the hook, and for good reason. Tucked between Wings Neck and Scraggy Neck inside Red Brook Harbor, it is well protected from the Buzzards Bay Southwest breeze, there is good holding in the sand, a wide variety of depths to anchor at, and its just a great place to hang out, swim, and walk the beach. Plenty of articles have been written about it before, so we will link to a handful of those here rather than re-write what’s already out there. Bassetts is a must-do spot to spend a night, or more, if you’re in the area.

The Google Map below labels “The Anchorage” as on the front side of the island, and it can be, in a north wind, but on almost every breezy summer afternoon the back side is the place to be.

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