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Tobey Island, Buzzards Bay

Tobey Island is a little spit of Town of Bourne Conservation Land that makes a lovely anchorage on the inside, but there is not a lot of water and can be a bit tricky to get into with a shifting sand bar and murky water that makes the rocks hard to see. Despite that, it’s still a great place to hang out. Depending on the tide, your draft, and your willingness to test shallow water, head slowly in from the old canal rock pile towards the sand spit that marks the end of the Island. There are usually a pair of red and green bouys at the end of the spit to help you out. Once inside, there’s decent water most of the way, just keep an eye out for rocks around the edges. This inner bay, called Little Bay, is also one of only two designated water ski areas in Bourne, so you may see people tearing around dragging tubes. Despite this, its still a great place to anchor and feel the southwest breeze and be protected from its chop.

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