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Washburn Island, Vineyard Sound

Washburn Island in Waquoit Bay is a popular spot to visit during the day, with a lovely, long, soft sandy beach with great anchoring, well protected from the breeze. It’s also a good place to hang out for the night. There is a well-marked deep water entrance between the jetties, and some shifting sand bars once inside, if you leave the marked channel. If you go far into the bay, there is a DCR Campground on the island, so if you want to be by yourself give them some space. The coast of Falmouth along Vineyard Sound can be a tricky spot to find a good, free anchorage, especially if you have a sailboat and can’t get under the bridges. Washburn Island is a great choice, and has a lot of options if one spot is too crowded. Plenty of people know this spot as a day trip, but it also works great for an overnight.

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